FEAR- within an Individual, within the Whole


How is fear showing up in our lives, as a person and as part of the collective on the planet?

As an Individual- Whether we were hurt by a perpetrator, betrayed by a lover, had an absent parent in childhood, experienced a shocking trauma-there is a level of fear that we all deal with. Some of us are living in a constant state of fear, from financial worries, family challenges and triggers from past traumas, on up to ‘chronic’ anxiety.

Fear affects our energy and it can erode our foundations. Our energy’s health and vibrancy are very important.

As a Whole- We feel everyone’s energy, those near us and even far away. So, to a certain extent, the traumas of others affect us. Our current ‘leader’ of the U.S., Trump, is instilling fear on a collective level: he is stirring up hatred, not taking action on gun control or climate change, hurting people at the border, cozying up to dictators, messing with our country’s economic stability and lying or spinning his words in an attempt to keep us off balance. We end up fearing for the climate and the animals, hurting for those that are in pain, and fearful that he is going to start or allow a nuclear war, or at the least, hurt our economy. We are now all having to spend energy on staying out of fear.

Fear weakens us. We need to be Strong.

Here is the most important takeaway: Any new challenge is an invitation to heal something personal.

So please:

1) Stay aware of how you’re feeling and where you get triggered. Do your therapy. Be gentle with yourselves, take very good care of yourselves.

2) Live through your heart. Be kind.

2) Focus on Love and spend time with those that do the same.

3) Trust that the grass roots rising up now is very powerful. And Trust that all is perfect in the bigger picture- you chose to be here now to help the Collective evolve. The circumstances are evoking positive, compassionate action, and the potential to heal at an individual level. It is happening.

4) Take an action of any size, to speak out, educate, sooth, or otherwise promote love - to the People and the Planet. It does not need to be on a big scale- everything contributes. Do it your way.


Narcissists can be very dangerous. They have the ability to mesmerize people. A narcissist that is nasty is even more dangerous. They can manipulate, incite division and command loyalty. They are capable of stirring up hatred where it may already be festering. A narcissist with an intention to control and manipulate is dangerous. A narcissist that spews lies for the purpose of distracting is evil. A narcissist who is racist can stir up white supremacy. A narcissist who is this nasty and also in a position of power not only nationally but also has ties with dictators internationally, is very, very dangerous.
And once violence is stirred up, peaceful people live in fear- which puts them in a weakened state.
Some narcissists only manipulate their partners and friends. Trump is in a position to reach way beyond that.
Stay strong.
In the bigger picture, the playoff between the light and the dark is fascinating. What a wild time to be alive.

Stay in Love, Community! We got this.

Debra Windsong


Changing Your Perspective....

The way you look at things is the most powerful force in shaping your life.

-John O'Donohue

So true!

I said something like this to a friend the other day and then saw this quote- so I knew it was important to share it here.

How many times have we been upset about how something is going, only to realize that if we look at it a different way we could find the silver lining, or the important lesson, or even the reason why it is actually the best thing that could happen.

We often first react to something we feel is unwanted, as a victim to it. So when we turn it around and see it in a better way we are moving out of victim state and reclaiming our power to choose how to perceive it. And then everything changes! It feels better, and then it can then even affect better results by attracting more good things (Law of Attraction).

Got a challenge? Try looking at it with a different perspective.

Debra Windsong

repost from an older newsletter....

Not everyone's stress is the same.

Think about it. What stresses one person out may not stress out another- why is that?
         Stress is actually a trigger of a deeper issue. It would be an issue that felt traumatic on some level when it first occurred. At that time your body stored the memory so that it can serve as a defense mechanism. These defense mechanisms are designed to alert you when anything similar to the original traumatic event occurs again.
        Different people have different issues. That's why Sam could have a financial challenge and glide right through it while Stewart falls apart when his bills come in and his bank account is low.

        So, the word stress is just a catch-all phrase for an individual's emotional reaction to the perceived challenge. This is why healing from our past traumas, big or small, can help us have a better quality of life!

        The problem is that we don't usually have an understanding of what is going on, and all we are left to deal with is the triggered emotional reaction. Even if we do understand how this works, our emotional reaction usually gets the best of us.


1) Be the Observer of you.
2) Take the time to write down your stressor and your emotional reaction.
3) Ask yourself when you may have first experienced a similar event in your life, one that felt mildly to severely uncomfortable.

        When you can find the origin of the issue you can begin to heal it. The simple act of identifying it and then understanding yourself better gets you on that path to healing.

If you need some help, I have modalities!

Intro to Tapping
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Unconditional love?

We hear a lot about loving each other unconditionally. This popular spiritual talk of our time may have us feeling inferior and less ascended if we look at how we feel about our relationships. And yet, I want to say that it is possible to love someone unconditionally, and still have conditions regarding their behaviors and how interactions between the two of you should go, in order to respect each other. Putting up boundaries when someone is treating you in a way that is dishonoring, or asking more from you than you can give, is a healthy response. It's healthy for you, and it's important for the other person to be given those guidelines and lessons as well.

I know how to love unconditionally, so I will still love the person that antagonizes me. But I will set restrictions within the relationship, regarding behaviors and any other dishonoring attitudes. We can love unconditionally and yet have conditions to the relating. 

If we are dealing with a casual acquaintance and we aren't getting anything positive from the relationship, we can move on. If they are a family member we can try to give them more energy- we can take a look at what we can learn, and why we might have incarnated with them (again?). And if they continue to cross the line it doesn't matter who they are- they don't get to continue. But I'll love them forever. And I will be appreciative of the lessons. 

Debra Windsong


Zoom Out!

Zoooom out!

And get a new, broader perspective!

Here’s my favorite way to say this:

Pretend that you can zoom so far out that you enter another place on another planet, where the you that you are takes on the form of an alien. And you as this alien can view the you as a human. Now imagine the 'alien you' just cracking up as it watches the antics of the 'human you'.
Do you get it? We are so funny! We take our lives so seriously, running around, putting pressure on ourselves to ‘achieve’ things. Buying things to 'make us’ happy, eventually realizing we feel  burdened and then we need to unload them. We like to roll in the mud but do we have to so much? Look down at yourself, and just, laugh. Belly laugh. Let go. Do you really have to do that thing you think you need to do? Why? Isn’t there room for more fun? Your alien self is having a blast watching you- your human self is quite entertaining. 

 With love,  Debra WIndsong

co-dependency vs. inter-dependency



Is there a fine line between the two?

Dependent as a word has a negative feel about it- it’s like a sickness, to be dependent or co-dependent within a relationship...

My personal therapy has had me chasing down complete ‘independence'- the quest to master self-love, like marrying yourself- things like that.

As we work at becoming more self-empowered on our journey back to our Truth, it seems logical for many of us to be into our independence.

But, this is a tough world to be in, for most people, in one way or another.....and we could all use a hand, or a new perspective, hopefully lighter..... it feels like an easier way of moving through life when someone has your back and your love endorphins and other hormones are all lit up....

 ...it’s not that the answers are in that other person, but a lot of it is in how we bounce back to ourselves, off of that person...as that other person brings their own flavor and energetic blueprint to the mix. And soul purpose. And maybe soul agreements were made .....

But isn’t it easier to share the load? And after you get used to a rhythm between the two of you (if you do) at what point would it become missed if it were to end?

It’s always missed when it goes, and grieved.

We formulate this powerful place between two that fall in love, and it is strong like a volcano, where we can unload the burdens of our souls and let the flame transform them....

Does that make us ‘co-dependent’? I don’t think so.  

Maybe we’re interdependent- because that does sound better..... it’s more ‘spiritually’ correct.

Just be sure to keep your power- always be your own most important priority. 

: )

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And Contrast it Is!


On our personal paths we will often slide back a little, right before we breakthrough. It could show up as feeling more helpless or acting out in some negative way-  one which you have normally had a handle on prior to this time. This ‘refining/recalibrating' makes us take notice of what has been misaligned or out of balance.....

When we are in the middle of a big shift, it can be like the darkness before the dawn thing- it’s always a little darker before dawn.....because the process of the shift puts our stuff front and center, and in our faces. It doesn’t feel good but it can supply us with just the right energy and motivation to breakthrough. And it helps us to notice and remember the breakthrough better so that we can incorporate it into a newer, more evolved way of being (thinking, feeling, doing). This is another example of how this planetary dimension of contrast serves us.

Collectively we can easily say that we are in a time of chaos. It’s important to note that chaos is necessary and inevitable when imbalances have become extreme. The current state that our society has been in cannot hold up against the newer, lighter energies that are now available to us in this dimension, and it cannot hold up against the many that have been evolving into lighter beings. And that is the good news. Enough of us have projected a more harmonious and loving existence, and with this beautiful, mysterious Universal assistance we now have some powerfully polarized energies in place.

And so chaos ensues. Sometimes the walls have to come tumbling down so that you can see the beauty within.

Many are very upset with the latest election due to being personally triggered by the  atrocious behaviors from a man our country elected to be president. Collectively, we've been asleep and we have just gotten a very rude awakening.

The gift here is that this is revealing our unhealed wounds.

And if we have the courage and if personal timing is in place, we will take a more direct look at our wounds and do some healing.

So, when viewing the bigger, Universal picture, a very bizarre man, the current President of the USA, is actually at our service. He has provided us with a major wake up call. Did we think that everything was fine until he came along? Did we actually believe that racism, hatred, social injustice and economical and ecological imbalance didn’t exist until he showed up in the spotlight? He is simply bringing it all into the front and center.

Yes, it is sad that we went this far into imbalance….but please keep the bigger picture in mind. We are going to see a lot of beautiful responses to this critical time, in the form of movements and other actions of determination , if not retaliation; to pull us upward towards a lighter and more loving society. 

Put on your patience caps and take some action, in your own way, when it feels right to you. Act from a place of love, not fear. Take action when you are inspired to do so, and not from a place of desperation, expectation, guilt, or hate. Love will prevail.

Debra Windsong

Happy Day!

This new website has been launched, thanks to my good friend and website programmer, Steve Aiena of New Media Dimensions. newmediadimensions.com

Have an amazing day~


Website issue, Retrograde, Eclipses, oh my....

Hi everyone,

Apparently my website debrawindsong.com is on ‘tilt’ (think Pinball Wizard) which doesn’t surprise me because so am I.

I guess you can still read most of it, but it’s a little broken.

This is a wild time after all, with Mercury in Retrograde and 3 eclipses close together. All good, though. I always always come out the other side as a better version of myself : )

I can do this by  spending a lot of time in my own silence- gathering the information that I need, from Spirit.

So, stand by while I scrap that website and rebuild something new.

And reinvent myself, ha!

In the meantime I’m still doing holistic healing in my San Luis Obispo, CA office.

Rapid Eye Technology~ The Infinity Connection~ Massage Therapy ~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Developmental Mentoring

And considering a new music project, or maybe free-lancing for awhile.... harmonica player, light percussion, vocals.

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Lion’s Gate 8-8-2016

Remember- this that we experience here in the 3rd dimension is all an illusion. And is, at the same time, an important way for us to evolve. We are doing good work here. Stay focused as the observer.Today is the Lion’s Gate, 8-8-2016.

gently swaying in the breeze

There comes a day when you simply know how to sway without all of those ridiculous things in the way

Fear, worry, holding back, spirit in a cage

anger, self-doubt, hurt or enraged

Whether it rained upon you in layers of pain or quaked deep inside your heart

It is time to start

Hear it now in the canyons and open your eyes to see

Trees in the breeze, birds in flight, dolphins swimming free

Debra Windsong~









Appreciate everything, starting with yourself and your journey......


...and then extend that appreciation out into the world and all it's inhabitants. You're doing good work here. It's not always easy.

We're all in this together.

We're all facets on this crazy diamond, so shine on!

"Be grateful for your life, every detail of it, and your face will come to shine like a sun, and everyone who sees it will be made glad and peaceful. Persist in gratitude, and you will slowly become one with the Sun of Love, and Love will shine through you its all-healing joy." ~Rumi

Love, Love, Love to you All~ Debra Windsong

Creating Our Reality

I don't read newspapers or watch the news. And about a decade ago I made a choice to give up celebrating the major holidays.  I could cite at least twenty reasons for this decision, but I will tell you just this: since I have learned to appreciate and be thankful every single day, it is counterproductive within our Spirit to make one day a day of thanksgiving. And since I have learned to live from the heart, every day is Valentine’s Day. Now that grace and love are my focus, I don’t need something like one day of the year called Christmas.  It’s about freedom and creating new paradigms.

What works for you? Give yourself permission to create it.

Windsong Wellness services:

Rapid Eye Technology, Massage, seated massage in the workplace, energy work.......

The Infinity Connection is my own method of energy work addressing the client’s energetic field. Congested or blocked areas are identified and cleared. Identification comes in a variety of ways- clairaudience, clairsentience and at times, mediumship (connecting with love ones that have passed on). Clearing occurs when I, as an intuitive empath, move into a state of higher frequency, and as I maintain the pure knowing that energy can be transformed, I then come together with the client's higher form. With focus and intention I connect to the unwanted energy and release it from the client's energy field,. The client is then able to experience a stronger, clearer connection to their Infinite Self (Pure Source Energy), which is where Divine Intelligence is accessed.

Office location- San Luis Obispo, CA.

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Close Your Eyes. Fall In Love. Stay There. ~ Rumi

I was talking with a client recently, while giving her a massage. She told me what her physical aches and pains were. I shared some of the accumulated knowledge I have from doing massages for the last 20 years. I approached the idea of the role that emotions and stuck false beliefs played in our ailments, but she was only willing to talk of the physical aches. When she added another couple of ailments to her growing list and then offered up that she probably wasn't drinking enough water, I realized that I couldn't keep quipping back known fixes to the physical issues. I was at that same crossroads again- I needed to respect that we weren't on the same page or that I wasn't the one she would open up to, or that she just wasn't ready to do so. After all, she came to me for a massage and nothing more. But I was moved to make this one verbal summary, for what it was worth to her (and for what it is worth to you the reader), and it came through me faster than I had a chance to second guess whether it should be said. What I said to my client was this: just wake up every morning and make a pledge to yourself to fall deeper in love with yourself than you were the day before....... and that's it. Fall in love with yourself, and stay there. Hold it in your awareness every day. Notice what comes up that wants to tell you why you shouldn't love yourself. Write it down. Rewire that false belief through the many alternative modalities available (i.e. tapping, Rapid Eye Technology, energetic release, etc.)

Keep your focus on loving yourself. And then watch how you will remember to stretch. You'll chose better food for your body. You'll remember to drink water. You'll set better boundaries. You'll nurture yourself............Love, love, love yourself! You're perfect! Debra Windsong


My Healing Modalities


Hi everyone!

I was on the big island, Hawaii, for awhile (so beautiful! great energy!) and chose to return to the central coast for now.

I have secured two new locations to see clients:

In San Luis Obispo, at The Santa Lucia Birth Center, located in the San Luis Business Center at the corner of Los Osos Valley Rd and S. Higuera Sts.

In Avila Beach:  6627 San Luis Bay Drive, in the Avila Bay Athletic Club complex, in the shared office of Dr. Lapidus and Dr. Trochman.

Here is a list of my wellness services:

Rapid Eye Technology

The Infinity Connection

Massage Therapy

The Reconnection

To schedule or for more info. please call me at (805) 471-4093 or email dwindsong@live.com.


Thank you!

Debra Windsong

Healing is mystical- is that the point?

If there comes a time in our lives when we face a serious physical illness or disease, we must realize that there is no way to heal by using our mental thoughts and chemical concoctions. We must engage directly with the life force that provides our essence. We would need to surrender, let go, tap in to Universal Life Force, believe, be open to the revelations along the way, be gracious wherever possible, be accepting- including accepting of our varying emotions, and our entire journey. Is that the point? Stay aware, seek balance. We may not have to face dis-ease but if we do, we find ourselves suddenly on the fast track to remembering how to self-heal......or not. Tap in now.

Debra Windsong

Our Energetic Blueprint

What if we, as spirits, designed our energetic blueprints prior to inhabiting our bodies?What if we set ourselves up for certain kinds of experiences and with the people that could provide the lessons, based on what we contain in our blueprint, as a way of accomplishing our goals?

I believe this to be true.

How often do we feel like we are victims in life? Victims of circumstances, of other people?

What if we honor ourselves for writing into our blueprint all of those challenges? What if we regard all the people that we may once have thought of as perpetrators, as teachers?

~and then we honor them for that, as opposed to resenting/hating and missing the whole point of the experience, the experience that we designed for ourselves prior to coming here....... ~Debra Windsong 6/7/15

The amazing magnificent fig tree.

I had a talk with a massive fig tree in Santa Barbara last Sunday.Me: How did you get so big?

Tree: I love life, I 'treely' do.

Me: So you just, went for it?

Tree: Exactly.

treely: adverb(?) meaning truly and really combined, to form a feeling that is greater than the sun of the hole (the sum of the whole- get it?). All trees have known of this enhanced feeling version since the beginning of time. It is just now being shared with the mortals. And the trees chose me (!) to tell this to...... aaahh yes, I am so blessed....hahaha! Just keeping the very high vibration of fun active, people!

Debra Windsong

The Infinity Connection...

is my own method of energy work addressing the client’s energetic field. Congested or blocked areas are identified and cleared. Identification comes in a variety of ways- clairaudience, clairsentience and at times, mediumship (connecting with love ones that have passed on). Clearing occurs when I, as an intuitive empath, move into a state of higher frequency, and as I maintain the pure knowing that energy can be transformed, I then come together with the client's higher form. With focus and intention I connect to the unwanted energy and release it from the client's energy field,. The client is then able to experience a stronger, clearer connection to their Infinite Self (Pure Source Energy), which is where Divine Intelligence is accessed.For more information please visit my website at: www.debrawindsong.com