I was talking with a client recently, while giving her a massage. She told me what her physical aches and pains were. I shared some of the accumulated knowledge I have from doing massages for the last 20 years. I approached the idea of the role that emotions and stuck false beliefs played in our ailments, but she was only willing to talk of the physical aches. When she added another couple of ailments to her growing list and then offered up that she probably wasn't drinking enough water, I realized that I couldn't keep quipping back known fixes to the physical issues. I was at that same crossroads again- I needed to respect that we weren't on the same page or that I wasn't the one she would open up to, or that she just wasn't ready to do so. After all, she came to me for a massage and nothing more. But I was moved to make this one verbal summary, for what it was worth to her (and for what it is worth to you the reader), and it came through me faster than I had a chance to second guess whether it should be said. What I said to my client was this: just wake up every morning and make a pledge to yourself to fall deeper in love with yourself than you were the day before....... and that's it. Fall in love with yourself, and stay there. Hold it in your awareness every day. Notice what comes up that wants to tell you why you shouldn't love yourself. Write it down. Rewire that false belief through the many alternative modalities available (i.e. tapping, Rapid Eye Technology, energetic release, etc.)

Keep your focus on loving yourself. And then watch how you will remember to stretch. You'll chose better food for your body. You'll remember to drink water. You'll set better boundaries. You'll nurture yourself............Love, love, love yourself! You're perfect! Debra Windsong