How is fear showing up in our lives, as a person and as part of the collective on the planet?

As an Individual- Whether we were hurt by a perpetrator, betrayed by a lover, had an absent parent in childhood, experienced a shocking trauma-there is a level of fear that we all deal with. Some of us are living in a constant state of fear, from financial worries, family challenges and triggers from past traumas, on up to ‘chronic’ anxiety.

Fear affects our energy and it can erode our foundations. Our energy’s health and vibrancy are very important.

As a Whole- We feel everyone’s energy, those near us and even far away. So, to a certain extent, the traumas of others affect us. Our current ‘leader’ of the U.S., Trump, is instilling fear on a collective level: he is stirring up hatred, not taking action on gun control or climate change, hurting people at the border, cozying up to dictators, messing with our country’s economic stability and lying or spinning his words in an attempt to keep us off balance. We end up fearing for the climate and the animals, hurting for those that are in pain, and fearful that he is going to start or allow a nuclear war, or at the least, hurt our economy. We are now all having to spend energy on staying out of fear.

Fear weakens us. We need to be Strong.

Here is the most important takeaway: Any new challenge is an invitation to heal something personal.

So please:

1) Stay aware of how you’re feeling and where you get triggered. Do your therapy. Be gentle with yourselves, take very good care of yourselves.

2) Live through your heart. Be kind.

2) Focus on Love and spend time with those that do the same.

3) Trust that the grass roots rising up now is very powerful. And Trust that all is perfect in the bigger picture- you chose to be here now to help the Collective evolve. The circumstances are evoking positive, compassionate action, and the potential to heal at an individual level. It is happening.

4) Take an action of any size, to speak out, educate, sooth, or otherwise promote love - to the People and the Planet. It does not need to be on a big scale- everything contributes. Do it your way.


Narcissists can be very dangerous. They have the ability to mesmerize people. A narcissist that is nasty is even more dangerous. They can manipulate, incite division and command loyalty. They are capable of stirring up hatred where it may already be festering. A narcissist with an intention to control and manipulate is dangerous. A narcissist that spews lies for the purpose of distracting is evil. A narcissist who is racist can stir up white supremacy. A narcissist who is this nasty and also in a position of power not only nationally but also has ties with dictators internationally, is very, very dangerous.
And once violence is stirred up, peaceful people live in fear- which puts them in a weakened state.
Some narcissists only manipulate their partners and friends. Trump is in a position to reach way beyond that.
Stay strong.
In the bigger picture, the playoff between the light and the dark is fascinating. What a wild time to be alive.

Stay in Love, Community! We got this.

Debra Windsong