This website has wellness information and stress-management techniques. This is a good site if you are seeking alternative healing for mind, body, and spirit. Here you will find Alternative Therapies for Wellness and Healing; trauma release utilizing Rapid Eye Technology, energy work and regression, massage therapy, sound healing and a self-help workbook (coming soon!). You will also find Nature art that benefits live tree planting, and my music information. If you are in the San Luis Obispo, CA area you can schedule a massage, or do some deep and profound emotional healing with Rapid Eye Technology, which releases trauma and re-programs the brain, based in psychological and neurological studies. Or you can choose to be transformed with Debra’s personal energy work called the Infinity Connection. Well-being and self-empowerment are the main focus- when we clear our energy, quantum leaps occur!

OR, catch one of my music gigs!

My wellness office is located in San Luis Obispo, California, by appointment.

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On-site fully clothed, seated massage- go to the ‘SLO Seated Massage’ link above

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I hope you enjoy my site!

In appreciation ~Debra Windsong