Is there a fine line between the two?

Dependent as a word has a negative feel about it- it’s like a sickness, to be dependent or co-dependent within a relationship...

My personal therapy has had me chasing down complete ‘independence'- the quest to master self-love, like marrying yourself- things like that.

As we work at becoming more self-empowered on our journey back to our Truth, it seems logical for many of us to be into our independence.

But, this is a tough world to be in, for most people, in one way or another.....and we could all use a hand, or a new perspective, hopefully lighter..... it feels like an easier way of moving through life when someone has your back and your love endorphins and other hormones are all lit up....’s not that the answers are in that other person, but a lot of it is in how we bounce back to ourselves, off of that that other person brings their own flavor and energetic blueprint to the mix. And soul purpose. And maybe soul agreements were made .....

But isn’t it easier to share the load? And after you get used to a rhythm between the two of you (if you do) at what point would it become missed if it were to end?

It’s always missed when it goes, and grieved.

We formulate this powerful place between two that fall in love, and it is strong like a volcano, where we can unload the burdens of our souls and let the flame transform them....

Does that make us ‘co-dependent’? I don’t think so.  

Maybe we’re interdependent- because that does sound better..... it’s more ‘spiritually’ correct.

Just be sure to keep your power- always be your own most important priority. 

: )