We hear a lot about loving each other unconditionally. This popular spiritual talk of our time may have us feeling inferior and less ascended if we look at how we feel about our relationships. And yet, I want to say that it is possible to love someone unconditionally, and still have conditions regarding their behaviors and how interactions between the two of you should go, in order to respect each other. Putting up boundaries when someone is treating you in a way that is dishonoring, or asking more from you than you can give, is a healthy response. It's healthy for you, and it's important for the other person to be given those guidelines and lessons as well.

I know how to love unconditionally, so I will still love the person that antagonizes me. But I will set restrictions within the relationship, regarding behaviors and any other dishonoring attitudes. We can love unconditionally and yet have conditions to the relating. 

If we are dealing with a casual acquaintance and we aren't getting anything positive from the relationship, we can move on. If they are a family member we can try to give them more energy- we can take a look at what we can learn, and why we might have incarnated with them (again?). And if they continue to cross the line it doesn't matter who they are- they don't get to continue. But I'll love them forever. And I will be appreciative of the lessons. 

Debra Windsong