Zoooom out!

And get a new, broader perspective!

Here’s my favorite way to say this:

Pretend that you can zoom so far out that you enter another place on another planet, where the you that you are takes on the form of an alien. And you as this alien can view the you as a human. Now imagine the 'alien you' just cracking up as it watches the antics of the 'human you'.
Do you get it? We are so funny! We take our lives so seriously, running around, putting pressure on ourselves to ‘achieve’ things. Buying things to 'make us’ happy, eventually realizing we feel  burdened and then we need to unload them. We like to roll in the mud but do we have to so much? Look down at yourself, and just, laugh. Belly laugh. Let go. Do you really have to do that thing you think you need to do? Why? Isn’t there room for more fun? Your alien self is having a blast watching you- your human self is quite entertaining. 

 With love,  Debra WIndsong