Not everyone's stress is the same.

Think about it. What stresses one person out may not stress out another- why is that?
         Stress is actually a trigger of a deeper issue. It would be an issue that felt traumatic on some level when it first occurred. At that time your body stored the memory so that it can serve as a defense mechanism. These defense mechanisms are designed to alert you when anything similar to the original traumatic event occurs again.
        Different people have different issues. That's why Sam could have a financial challenge and glide right through it while Stewart falls apart when his bills come in and his bank account is low.

        So, the word stress is just a catch-all phrase for an individual's emotional reaction to the perceived challenge. This is why healing from our past traumas, big or small, can help us have a better quality of life!

        The problem is that we don't usually have an understanding of what is going on, and all we are left to deal with is the triggered emotional reaction. Even if we do understand how this works, our emotional reaction usually gets the best of us.


1) Be the Observer of you.
2) Take the time to write down your stressor and your emotional reaction.
3) Ask yourself when you may have first experienced a similar event in your life, one that felt mildly to severely uncomfortable.

        When you can find the origin of the issue you can begin to heal it. The simple act of identifying it and then understanding yourself better gets you on that path to healing.

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