On our personal paths we will often slide back a little, right before we breakthrough. It could show up as feeling more helpless or acting out in some negative way-  one which you have normally had a handle on prior to this time. This ‘refining/recalibrating' makes us take notice of what has been misaligned or out of balance.....

When we are in the middle of a big shift, it can be like the darkness before the dawn thing- it’s always a little darker before dawn.....because the process of the shift puts our stuff front and center, and in our faces. It doesn’t feel good but it can supply us with just the right energy and motivation to breakthrough. And it helps us to notice and remember the breakthrough better so that we can incorporate it into a newer, more evolved way of being (thinking, feeling, doing). This is another example of how this planetary dimension of contrast serves us.

Collectively we can easily say that we are in a time of chaos. It’s important to note that chaos is necessary and inevitable when imbalances have become extreme. The current state that our society has been in cannot hold up against the newer, lighter energies that are now available to us in this dimension, and it cannot hold up against the many that have been evolving into lighter beings. And that is the good news. Enough of us have projected a more harmonious and loving existence, and with this beautiful, mysterious Universal assistance we now have some powerfully polarized energies in place.

And so chaos ensues. Sometimes the walls have to come tumbling down so that you can see the beauty within.

Many are very upset with the latest election due to being personally triggered by the  atrocious behaviors from a man our country elected to be president. Collectively, we've been asleep and we have just gotten a very rude awakening.

The gift here is that this is revealing our unhealed wounds.

And if we have the courage and if personal timing is in place, we will take a more direct look at our wounds and do some healing.

So, when viewing the bigger, Universal picture, a very bizarre man, the current President of the USA, is actually at our service. He has provided us with a major wake up call. Did we think that everything was fine until he came along? Did we actually believe that racism, hatred, social injustice and economical and ecological imbalance didn’t exist until he showed up in the spotlight? He is simply bringing it all into the front and center.

Yes, it is sad that we went this far into imbalance….but please keep the bigger picture in mind. We are going to see a lot of beautiful responses to this critical time, in the form of movements and other actions of determination , if not retaliation; to pull us upward towards a lighter and more loving society. 

Put on your patience caps and take some action, in your own way, when it feels right to you. Act from a place of love, not fear. Take action when you are inspired to do so, and not from a place of desperation, expectation, guilt, or hate. Love will prevail.

Debra Windsong