Debra’s hand-crafted original gemstone jewelry, using quality gemstones. Other gifts from nature are also used, such as seashells and genuine freshwater pearls. Each gemstone, as well as the shells and pearls, are believed to emit a unique healing energy when you tune in and are open to feeling it (see healing properties below).

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Gemstone Properties

This is a list of the gems most commonly used by Shining Star. These are only some of the many healing properties believed to be available when one is open and tuned into the gems. Have fun discovering these amazing energies!

Disclaimer – the following information about gemstones is not intended as a substitute for a licensed health practitioner.



African jade

Not really a jade, some say it is in the grossular garnet family and others say it is a serpentine. Some call it Buddstone. Soothing to those with Alzheimer's, senility, or dementia and for the nerves and senses. Can help cleanse the blood and increase resistance to infection and sooth allergies. This stone can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes, hypoglycemia. It has been used to combat dizziness, raising blood oxygen levels. Buddstone can assist the body absorb calcium and magnesium. Its soothing effect can permeate your home.


Many colors and varieties- Can remove energetic blockages that are causing illness. May cure insomnia and strengthen the mind. Good for grounding. Wear to relieve stiff neck. Promotes psychic abilities and protects the aura. Moss agate is one of the most powerful healing stones known. Place near a diseased part of the body for rapid healing.


Blue-green- Can increase self-confidence and give creative inspiration, joy and spirituality. Can discourage destructive behavior, soothe the nervous system and strengthen the heart and body. Good for rituals and celebration of new life.


Yellow- orange, red, brown, gold, more rare in violet, green, blue, black- a fossilized tree resin of extinct coniferous trees. Wear around neck to help with chest problems, sore throat, bronchitis, asthma, coughs. Helps to stabilize kundalini energy and attract money. Can clear mental confusion. Has a very high vibration.


Shades of purple, lilac and mauve- A purifier, can calm mental disorders, purify blood, strengthen the immune system and balance and heal all chakras. Can dispel tension and increase right brain activity. Can cut through illusion and help develop psychic abilities.


Yellow, Yellow-green, white, olive green, deep blue, purple, brown, red-brown, colorless- Related to service and humanitarian pursuits. Attuned to healing, energy balancing, communication and teaching. Aids in the expansion of knowledge, the truth to freedom and powers of manifestation. Can help with congestion of the chakras. Enhances creativity. May help with hunger suppression.


Light blue, sky blue, bluish green, watery green- Can strengthen kidneys, liver, spleen and thyroid. Helps to calm nerves, clear the mind and aid in creativity. May heal diseases of the eye, throat and stomach. Can balance emotions and banish fears, doubts and phobias. Strengthens personal power and aura. Sensitizes subconscious to psychic awareness.


White, yellow, yellow-gold, green, green-brown, blue- Provides ease for centering oneself. Helpful during periods of stress and anger. Can provide insight into basis of problems and enhance patience, reliability and practicality. Can aid with aches and pains and provide warmth to extremities. May assist with skin problems.


Usually green, can be dark red through peach, to brown- Can relieve anxiety and fear. Strong healing energy can affect the pituitary gland, soothe eyes and relieve migraines. Balances male and female energies, centers, and has a direct channel to Earth energy. Encourages positive attitude. Powerful good luck piece. Enhances self-esteem.


Azure to navy blue, sometimes with bands of green malachite–Can strengthen blood and flow of energy through nervous system. Has purifying affect on mind and body. Cuts through illusion to truth. A catalyst in self-transformation. Enhances inspiration, creativity and intuition.


Green with red flecks/patches–Cleanses blood and organs connected with the blood. Can detoxify the body and reduce mental and emotional stress. Initiates renewal on all levels, helps overcome depression. Can be used in the treatment of tumors and growths. Stimulates kundalini energy.


Bronzite- Greenish- brown to bronze- Helps loosen stiff muscles. Opens and balances third chakra. Can stimulate the desire to exercise.


Orange to reddish orange, brownish red- Strong electro-magnetic properties. Can strengthen blood and all organs connected with blood. Strengthens a weak voice. Can ease menstrual cramps and lower back trouble. Increases sense of self-worth. Excellent for career success. Drives away evil.

Cat’s Eye

Greenish- Yellow, gray-green, or gray-yellow with chatoyancy properties- A good healing stone for the whole body. Helps to guard your wealth and increase it.


Blue, white, yellow, orange, red-brown, red-Helps in analysis of complex ideas by attuning to a heightened power of rationality. Allows a recall of spirituality and gifts of the Divine. Balances outside forces, stabilizing yin-yang energy. Can provide access to information from the purity of the angelic realm. Helps with astral travel and dream recall. Can bring calmness and harmony. Aids in creative art and in the quest for bliss. Can help with eye, digestive and intestinal disorders.


Many colors–Can help fevers, gallstones and mental problems. Drives away nightmares, repels incoming negative vibrations. Brings good fortune.


Clear pale yellow to golden yellow- Aids digestion, can regenerate tissue, detoxes the body. Can eliminate self-destructive patterns and raise self-esteem. Use to align with higher self. Attracts prosperity and increases motivation. A sun energy, lifts spirits.


Orange metallic ore- Can ease joint pain. Increases self-esteem and self-awareness. Helps establish emotional boundaries.


Flesh-toned pink to red, also white, black, blue and gold- Calms emotions. Red and white can help to heal mental diseases and may help with anemia, emotional openness, affection and love. Blue helps let out the inner child to play. Black heals fears and anxieties, creates harmony and balance. Sponge coral promotes a childlike, fun mood.


Many colors- Good for blood vessels and spleen. Helps to ground excessive energy. affects all chakras and mental attitude and cleanses aura. Aids in channeling and inter-dimensional communication.


Can help with past life regression. Provides general protection, can help release old programming. May help stimulate the thymus and assist with disorders of the skeletal system, hands and feet.


Deep reddish purple, yellow, brown, green, orange, flame red- Can purify and regenerate blood and heart and stimulate pituitary gland. Helps balance root chakra and can connect with kundalini energy. Can lift depression.


Opaque, black or dark iron-grey with metallic luster- Can relieve headaches and draw illness out of the body by placing on the inflicted part. Can strengthen blood and spleen. Helps in re-evaluating emotional issues and life patterns.


Green, blue, brown, black- Can stimulate answers to problems quickly. Helps combat irritability and being critical. Helps one stand up for oneself. Aids in business and personal relationships, energizes self-respect. Opens doors to unlimited and desired opportunities where energy is focused. Can help with an overly acidic stomach, can lesson tension in limbs and shoulders and can aid in painful Achilles tendons.


Violet-blue-Strengthens self-confidence and taking charge of life. Aids in moving thoughts into higher realm. Attracts new friends.


Apple green, white, pink, yellow, mauve, black, grey, brown- Has powerful calming vibrations. Can strengthen heart, kidneys and immune system by cleansing the blood. Balances emotions, dispels negativity, attracts courage, justice and wisdom. Helpful in remembering dreams and solving problems through dreams. Excellent for business people and musicians.


Shades of brown, greyish-blue, red, yellow, green and mixtures of these- Can strengthen liver and gall bladder, soothing to nerves and stomach. Protects and grounds. Affects the chakra of the corresponding color. Variegated jasper is one of the most powerful healing stones for the whole body.


Waxy black or dark brown- Jet is actually a wood that has been buried and compressed. Can help ease headache pain. Can help one to be alert and to come up with constructive solutions. Can help fight depression.


Pearlescent blue with various white, green and black markings- Can connect one with youthful zest and optimism. Encourages one to speak from the heart with trust and to experience the joy of life. Can help eliminate blockages of the throat chakra. Helps in discerning truth.


Silver grey or blue grey with an iridescence, can be colorless, orange, yellow or red- Good for those who overwork. Stimulates physical activity and willingness. Establishes a connection with universal energies. Protects and balances aura.

Lapis Lazuli

Deep blue with crystals of pyrite and off-white veins/patches of calcite-Healing and purifying, balances and cleanses all chakras, especially the throat chakra. Can increase mental clarity, creativity and psychic abilities.


pink through violet, can be gray or deep purple- Can be calming and soothing to nerves. Creates harmony and connectedness to the whole. Increases desire to be more spiritual.


Usually white in color, sometimes grey, brown, yellow, and even pink, depending on which minerals are found in the stone. This stone has a soothing and relaxing vibration that will help you to listen to your heart. It can help you create a powerful transformation and turn your weaknesses into strengths.


Medium to dark green with lighter green stripes and swirls- Can strengthen the heart and circulatory system, and the pineal and pituitary glands. Repels evil spirits and accidents. Helps with sleep. Opens communication, balances and heals all chakras. Raises human vibrations. Attracts love when combined with copper. Acts as a mirror to the soul, aids in meditation, amplifies emotions. Don’t wear when feeling negative.


White, grey-white, yellow, pale green, peach, brown, or pink with a blue or white sheen- Helps with unblocking the lymphatic system, with female problems and with childbirth. Balances emotions. Breaks up rigid attitudes. Helps to see all possibilities. Will be most suitable for an individual either during the waxing or the waning moon. Connects to the feminine side and the Goddess. Enhances the psychic.


(volcanic glass) – usually black, can be brown , grey, red, blue, green- Aids stomach and intestines, can help improve vision. Connects mind with emotions, absorbs and transmutes negative energy, reduces stress. Used to draw aura tighter to body. Helps one hold onto money. Mahogany obsidian can help one feel sexier, more at ease with own sensuality. Snowflake obsidian helps one to slow down and gain balance, relaxes, calms fear, aids in creativity. Also reveals what needs to be changed in one’s life. Black- helps to eliminate bad habits. Rainbow- balances and stabilizes energy.


Black, brown and white or black and white- Can deflect and transmute negative energy sent by others. Can balance karmic debts. Helps with spiritual inspiration and resolving past life issues. Reduces stress, attracts good fortune and inspiration. Black onyx helps with security and worry.


A light color with iridescent flashes, black opal has a dark background, fire opal is reddish- orange, white opal is white to light grey, dull yellow, light blue-grey or pale blue-soothes eyes, heart and nerves. Stimulates pineal and pituitary glands. Enhances intuition, balances emotions, strengthens memory, clears the mind. Promotes leadership, brings good fortune to business people.


White, pink, grey, freshwater pearls are many more colors- Helps with stomachaches, colds, bronchitis and lung infections. Helps in the search of higher wisdom and truth. Absorbs negative energy from wearer and helps one see and deal with truth of self.


Olive, bottle green, or spring green- Balances glandular system, purifies body, regenerates tissue. Aids in digestion, reduces fever. Good for healing spiritual illnesses. Amplifies intuitive awareness, reduces stress, calms emotions. Aids in reducing jealousy and anger. Use if you feel stuck and unable to move forward.


Unconditional love, prehnite enhances precognition and inner knowing. Good for peace and protection.  Helpful for decluttering.  Prehnite enhances spiritual growth by connecting you to the Divine. It enhances precognition or prior knowledge of an event.  It is a stone for dreaming and remembering. It helps heal the kidneys and bladder, thymus gland, shoulders, chest and lungs.  Can help with gout and blood disorders.  Prehnite can aid in the repair of connective tissue in the body.

Quartz Crystal

(quartz includes amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz, rose quartz and aventurine) -Clear quartz is a very powerful stone. Use to strengthen meditation, and develop the higher mind and soul. Energizes all levels of consciousness, balances emotions. Repels and transmutes negativity in the body, energy field and surrounding environment. Stores, transmits and amplifies energy, can be programmed. Using on third eye during meditation can bring knowledge through images, symbols or as a knowing.


Pink, rose red, purplish red with thin veins/patches of grey to black- Helps nervous system, thyroid, pituitary gland and body reflexes. Strengthens immune system, enhances self-esteem and confidence. Can aid the heart. Good for sensitive people who want to be left in peace by those of the physical and astral planes.


all colors except dark gray, dark green and black- Represents change, variety and progress. Lights the fire of creativity in the soul. Excellent in promoting self-realization and the joyous state of knowing. Can help with disorders of the veins and skin rashes and can help with the assimilation of B-complex vitamins. Can increase stamina and improve muscle tone.

Rose Quartz

Light to strong pink, opaque to translucent- Heals emotional wounds and breaks up chakra blockages. Can increase fertility. can help clear stored anger, resentment, fear, guilt and jealousy. Guides in how to give and receive love and enhances awareness of the true self. Helps to forgive and love self.


Red, pinkish red, purplish red, fiery vermillion, brownish red (very pale pink rubies are sold as pink sapphire)- Vitalizes the whole body ( especially circulatory) and mind. Breaks through sluggishness on physical and spiritual levels, cleanses chakras from heart downward. Removes sense of limitation, strengthens courage, spirituality, leadership and joy. Can help with grief and attract friends.

Rutilated Quartz

Quartz with thin strands of gold, titanium or other minerals–Very powerful, affecting all chakras, can regenerate tissue. Can repel or dissolve depression and detoxify the body. Gives aura authority and clarity.


Green, yellow-green, blue-green- Similar to Jade, can increase wisdom and self-restraint. Said to protect against all venomous bites. Can be useful in clearing cloudy areas in the chakras, to stimulate the crown chakra and to clear the path for Kundalini energy. May be helpful in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia and in eliminating parasitic infestations.


Many colors- Mother of pearl and abalone are very healing to the whole body, especially the first three chakras. Abalone is calming to high strung people. Paua can aid in heavy soul transformations. All shells have a connection to Goddess energy and water.

Smoky Quartz

Clear quartz with a light to dark grayish brown tint–helps overcome depression and severe moodswings. Balances sexual energy, aids in fertility. Excellent for meditation, grounding, centering. Breaks up subconscious blocks and negativity. Helps one to be firm with what they want and don’t want. Strengthens dream awareness and channeling. A link with Earth energy and nature spirits. Can be a very intense energy.


Many shades of blue, sometimes with patches of white calcite- Can balance endocrine system, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and fever. Calms the mind, cuts through illusion, creates inner harmony. Aids in psychic sight and intuition, balances second chakra.


Pale bluish- violet to bluish purple- Balancing for highly active people, calms emotions. Increases spiritual awareness, helps one to be sensitive to psychic experiences. Stimulates the throat, third eye and crown chakras. Can aid in the treatment of skin disorders, mis-alignment of the spinal column and disorders of the eyes. May help to bring one from the comatose state.

Tiger Iron

A combination of Tiger’s Eye, Red Jasper and Black Hematite (see these properties)- Also aids in creative endeavors and in finding havens of refuge. Stimulates physical vitality. Can promote assimilation of B-complex vitamins and strengthen the muscular structure.

Tiger’s Eye

Brown, black, golden brown to yellow- Grounding and centering, balances male and female energies, softens stubbornness, strengthens will. Attracts good luck, discerns truth, enhances psychic ability, protects.


White, pale blue, green, pink, yellow, brown and more- Helpful with blood and circulation. Opens awareness to creative thinking, can repel negativity and prevent accidents. Blue- soothing and aids in healing, creativity, psychic ability and self-expression. Clear- can open communication with non-humans. Gold-yellow- Can bring abundance, protect and detoxify the body. Good for aiding those dying into a peaceful transition. Sherry- Can help scholars retain knowledge, stimulate mind, change the aura. Pink- Aids in honesty and integrity. White- stimulates the mind.


Many colors- An excellent aid for healers. Dispels negativity. Promotes concentration, confidence and inspiration. Helpful to artists, writers, musicians and actors. Green- can help the nervous system and heals on all levels. Watermelon- can harmonize the energies of the heart and nervous system. Can remove guilt and imbalances. Blue-green- helps to open up to new friends and experiences. Dark green – attracts money. Blue- Promotes calmness and clarity and spiritual oneness. Red and dark pink- Can relax and calm, can soften grief and inner conflicts. Black- Can heal houseplants, strengthen astral travel and transformation to a higher spiritual level. Light to dark purple- Helps open intuition and psychic ability. Yellow-brown- Can strengthen mind for studying, can aid in contact with etheric beings.


Light sky-blue, light green-blue- Helps to strengthen the whole body. Used to prevent and cure headaches. Can enhance meditation, is protecting and balancing and can align chakras. Aids with psychic powers.