My Inner World and Outer World are no longer mere reflections of each other- they are a portal connected to past, present, future oneness.The darkness once mirrored the absence of light, now there is only Infinity. There are no more shadows to hide in. There's no more you and me. Lately as I walk by others I feel like I've known everyone forever. All look familiar to me. All are swimming in the pool of evolution. My quest for authenticity took me through twists and turns, dodging my truth by spraying a cloud of haze out into the path in front of me. All to see what it felt like to come out the other side. I can see through me like I see through you. I am you.

~Debra Windsong


My heart is open, just flapping in the breeze! I stand before you and also in front of my own self in awe of the beauty that is you and me.

No longer hiding behind the guise of perfection.

Are you real enough to love my vulnerability?

I've come to know it as a strength and a freedom.

         ~Debra Windsong

To me, to you~

I want to tell you, with a smile on my face, that you are okay with me. I worked hard to get to a place where I stopped judging myself.

Because of that I don't judge you either. Yes!

More freedom for me! Works for you, too?

Now, where else can I be more free........?

~Debra Windsong

god, Goddess,Goodness

My belief is that God is the 'Consciousness' of Universal Life Force Energy. And that is why we of consciousness, are a part of god- we are god. The highest frequency of consciousness is vibrating in Love. Love Force. Need it be more dogmatic than that? May the Love Force be with You.

~Debra Windsong

Our Purpose on Planet Earth....

and in this realm, is to raise the vibration of the planet, by raising our own vibration. Environmentalists, antagonists, artists, parents, corporations, politicians, haters, lovers. All of us- it is not 'us' and 'them'. The most devious antagonists play a role. Why do we need them? To antagonize and force the lessons. Some day this won't be necessary. As the vibration of the planet rises, the contrast will mellow. Heaven will reside on Earth. Our mission will be a success. In the meantime, it truly is the journey and not the destination, so stay present. Play, laugh, create and love hard. Here's to you. Here's to us. 'I am another you' Inlight, Debra Windsong

The P.U.F.s

What does it take to believe in something outside of our current parameters of belief?What is a miracle? Are these the things that are waiting just outside of the box we live in, poised to happen but blocked until a window of opportunity somehow cracks open? What makes this window crack open? We are talking about freeing our minds to include all possibilities, in order to allow for the unknown, the miracle, the p.u.f. The p.u.f.s, or the previously-unknown-facts. They become known if they can somehow show up one time- and then it is a reality. It is proven. It has happened, and so it can happen again. The pufs. They float about in the ethers, waiting to be reality, a new part of our belief system. Break down the system and free your mind. Don't even have a 'system'- have an ever expanding, all inclusive vastness of being.


Debra Windsong

Hello True Self!

There is so much to us! A full color and light spectrum, a paradoxical dance of non-linear and linear.

A full spectrum variance of mass and vibration, free-form frequencies, everchanging, fluctuating- reacting, receiving, repelling.

Energetic properties change with each dimension and we exist in ALL.

Could it be that the best way to comprehend this from our physical perspective, would be to express it as much as possible?

I support setting an intention to represent the spectrum of our true selves by celebrating it through art, movement, music, color and light, as much as you can!

Act it out. Display it. Do it. Be it. Connect to it.

Express it with art involving your inspired choice of dance, art with color, pure essential oils that tantalize your vibration, music, light from and through the sun.....

Present it. Offer it. To yourself. To the World. To whoever..... ~Debra Windsong


Green Eggs and Ham Filled with Hormones and Anti-biotics

 I do not care about Bill Gates. I am concerned with all it creates.

I do not like chemicals in boxes, poor foxes!, contaminants in the ground, poison all around. I do not like nuclear radiation, I will not condone this aggravation.

In the air, chemical streams falling into our hair.

In a box with a fox over my house would kill a mouse I do not like them in my water Uncle SAM.

Let me be, to be who I AM.

Debra Windsong Dec 2013

Love as the Healing Force

I believe that Love is the same as Life Force Energy. With that power, Love can create wholeness and vibrancy from a place of damaged or dis-eased.

Send Love Energy to Fukushima and other wounded, poisoned areas of our planet.

We can do this- together.

Let's do this!

Debra Windsong

Nov. 19, 2013


Living Through The Heart

This may very well be the purpose of this incarnation. This can happen at some point on our journey after we shed layers of fear to find ourselves.

Self-love deepens.

We then move towards  a truer understanding of Love as the very fabric of Existence.

It becomes clear that we are all woven together within that fabric.

Finally, you will look at another and recognize them as a facet of yourself. No matter who they are. No matter how their current behavior is playing out.

Only then will we be living through the heart.

Debra Windsong

Nov. 10, 2013


Love Love Love!

The focus of our journey here comes down to learning how to truly and deeply love- ourselves.How many can say they truly love themselves? And yet we are all worthy of that self-love. It can take a lifetime to clear the obstacles, reset our belief system, and learn the beautiful truth of our power. The goal is certainly to love ourselves. Because from there the love energy will then emanate outward and affect everything and everybody. That self-love energy will turn you on and inspire you. Your light will shine brighter and brighter. AND, you will begin to see the love in everything and everybody- and that has a powerful affect on All, as well. What keeps you from loving yourself? What needs to happen to get to that place? Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, transcending the challenges you designed for yourself, recognizing that you are part of the Infinite...... Thank you to all the people I know for taking this crazy ride of a journey with me~ Debra

Welcome to The Infinity Connection!

The purpose of this site is to  share reminders on the importance of keeping our energetic field clear and connected to Infinite Source. We will talk about belief systems, creating our own realities, manifestation and modalities to assist us in clearing and raising our vibrations.

Have a wonderful Sunday!!

I am heading up to Ragged Point, Big Sur on the central coast of California, to play music.......