Hi everyone,

Apparently my website debrawindsong.com is on ‘tilt’ (think Pinball Wizard) which doesn’t surprise me because so am I.

I guess you can still read most of it, but it’s a little broken.

This is a wild time after all, with Mercury in Retrograde and 3 eclipses close together. All good, though. I always always come out the other side as a better version of myself : )

I can do this by  spending a lot of time in my own silence- gathering the information that I need, from Spirit.

So, stand by while I scrap that website and rebuild something new.

And reinvent myself, ha!

In the meantime I’m still doing holistic healing in my San Luis Obispo, CA office.

Rapid Eye Technology~ The Infinity Connection~ Massage Therapy ~                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Developmental Mentoring

And considering a new music project, or maybe free-lancing for awhile.... harmonica player, light percussion, vocals.

Call: 805 471-4093 email: dwindsong@live.com