The focus of our journey here comes down to learning how to truly and deeply love- ourselves.How many can say they truly love themselves? And yet we are all worthy of that self-love. It can take a lifetime to clear the obstacles, reset our belief system, and learn the beautiful truth of our power. The goal is certainly to love ourselves. Because from there the love energy will then emanate outward and affect everything and everybody. That self-love energy will turn you on and inspire you. Your light will shine brighter and brighter. AND, you will begin to see the love in everything and everybody- and that has a powerful affect on All, as well. What keeps you from loving yourself? What needs to happen to get to that place? Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, transcending the challenges you designed for yourself, recognizing that you are part of the Infinite...... Thank you to all the people I know for taking this crazy ride of a journey with me~ Debra