What does it take to believe in something outside of our current parameters of belief?What is a miracle? Are these the things that are waiting just outside of the box we live in, poised to happen but blocked until a window of opportunity somehow cracks open? What makes this window crack open? We are talking about freeing our minds to include all possibilities, in order to allow for the unknown, the miracle, the p.u.f. The p.u.f.s, or the previously-unknown-facts. They become known if they can somehow show up one time- and then it is a reality. It is proven. It has happened, and so it can happen again. The pufs. They float about in the ethers, waiting to be reality, a new part of our belief system. Break down the system and free your mind. Don't even have a 'system'- have an ever expanding, all inclusive vastness of being.


Debra Windsong