There is so much to us! A full color and light spectrum, a paradoxical dance of non-linear and linear.

A full spectrum variance of mass and vibration, free-form frequencies, everchanging, fluctuating- reacting, receiving, repelling.

Energetic properties change with each dimension and we exist in ALL.

Could it be that the best way to comprehend this from our physical perspective, would be to express it as much as possible?

I support setting an intention to represent the spectrum of our true selves by celebrating it through art, movement, music, color and light, as much as you can!

Act it out. Display it. Do it. Be it. Connect to it.

Express it with art involving your inspired choice of dance, art with color, pure essential oils that tantalize your vibration, music, light from and through the sun.....

Present it. Offer it. To yourself. To the World. To whoever..... ~Debra Windsong