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For every intention tree purchased, will plant a LIVE tree!

Be part of the solution!

Heal your spirit, plant a tree! 


~copper intention trees    ~     affirmation decks     ~       led tea lights~

These make great gifts!  A packing slip lists the gemstone used and declares that a live tree is being  planted because of this purchase!

Each Intention Tree is uniquely handmade with genuine 10 gauge copper, expressing the vast uniqueness of our live trees. Copper Properties: an orange metallic ore. Can ease joint pain, increases self-esteem and self-awareness. Helps establish emotional boundaries. 

Semi-precious gemstones hang from the branches. Read about the healing properties of gemstones  HERE.

The tree is designed to hold affirmation cards that have powerful messages with positive energy. 10 cards per deck.

The copper, gemstones and the affirmation cards work together, offering supportive healing energy for your space.

The spiral and the highly conductive copper focuses the powers of the affirmation cards and gemstones.

The optional LED deluxe tea lights look nice sitting at the bottom, especially turned on in the dim or darkness. These tea lights are wrapped in real conductive copper tape.

      Every  Intention Tree  is unique, just as our live                        trees are.  Order yours today!

     Every Intention Tree is unique, just as our live                        trees are. Order yours today!

~Make a purchase/plant a tree!~

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For every intention tree purchased, a live tree will be planted. 

Trees reach for the Heavens, stand tall on the Earth, and send their roots deep into the powerful world below us- just like we do.
We depend on trees- they remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen for us to breathe. They hold the soil in place for our buildings. They house many of our beautiful creatures.

1) Choose a deck.    

2) choose a one-of-a-kind tree

3) choose a tea light.

Each item can also be purchased separately.